Studios & Sheds

Students in front of finished sheds

Our Preservation Carpentry students hand build several "studio-sheds" each year as part of their training. They're beautifully crafted and built to last, whether you plan to use as decorative storage to accent your property, or as backyard workplace for art, craft, woodworking, or other ventures.

Each is 10x12 feet, stick framed, with clapboard siding on the front and cedar shingles on the other three elevations. Roof types include red cedar shingle, raised-seam copper roofing, or green Vermont slate shingle. Each shed has three windows, one single front door, and a gable end double door. The interior is unfinished.

Those with cedar shingles and slate roofs are priced at $5,000, while those with copper roofs are $6,000. Pre-orders or direct purchases are accepted depending on availability. Local delivery is included and performed by a third party.

For more details and to purchase one of these beautifully constructed studio-sheds, please email Thank you.